18-19 juin 2015 Marseille (France)


The INT is organizing an international workshop on neuronal dynamics at mesoscopic scale. Neural processing is mostly occurring at the mesoscopic scale: For a given cortical neuron, more than 95% of the synaptic inputs originate from neurons located within a 2mm radius. This mesoscopic network is characterized by intra-cortical propagations in the horizontal plane and local processes across cortical layers. In a similar way, brainstem and spinal CPGs (central pattern generator) combine intra-segmental and inter-segmental interactions. Despite the functional importance of these mid-range interactions, they have been largely overlooked due to experimental and technical limitations. Recent advances in imagery and neurophysiology promoted a new interest in this fundamental issue. In this framework, the aim of this international workshop is to launch discussions on the neuronal dynamics at mesoscopic scale between local researchers and world-leading experts in this field. This workshop will be divided in 4 thematic sessions relating to different level of exploration of the mesoscopic networks: (i) the anatomical substrates (ii) the physiological expression (iii) the recent advances in signal processing and (iv) the theory. Each of these topics will be approached across 3 functional systems, the spinal cord, the motor cortex and the visual cortex with some insights from other sensory modalities.

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